Hands On Cycle

Winter semester 2020/2021 – Diploma Cooperation – HP Velotechnik – Prof. Tom Philipps – Jonas Engelhardt

Hands On Cycle is a user-friendly touring handcycle that includes people with limited physical functions (e.g. paraplegics) by enabling them to enjoy sport cycling in nature and touring with family and friends.


This project is about a handbike that enables people with limited physical functions (e.g. paraplegics, amputees) to ride a bicycle again.
The focus is on sportiness, riding safety and comfort. Thanks to the flexible adjustability of the hand drive, the handbike can be optimally adapted to different body sizes. The internal chain guide and the use of small chainrings allow the design to have a clear shape and compactness, which is also reflected in the leg rest. This gives the handbike a harmonious finish and ensures that the legs are well fixed when riding.​​​​​​​

A special feature is the design of the cockpit, as all functions come together here. The crank unit is both the drive and the steering for the trike. The controls for the gearstick, lights, indicators, parking brake and electric motor are located on the handles. In the centre of the housing, the smartphone can be attached via a quick-release fastener and connected with Bluetooth.

The “Scorpion fs” as a basis

The basis of the handbike is the recumbent bike “Scorpion fs” from HP Velotechnik. Due to its tadpole construction (2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel), better riding characteristics for touring and trekking can be achieved compared to conventional delta handbikes (1 front wheel and 2 rear wheels). Higher tipping stability, more agile handling and the rear-wheel drive ensure more safety and riding fun off-road.​​​​​​​

agile cycling
for everybody
integrated chain
intuitive steering

Hands On Cycle

Technical structure

Technical views

Video of the prototype

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