Conlina 20

Winter semester 2016/2017 – Prediploma –
Prof. Tom Philipps – Jonas Engelhardt

There are not enough and affordable living spaces for students. The reuse of a shipping container forms the perfect base for the housing and is environment friendly.

Living in a 20-inch container!

This project focuses on the problem of not enough and affordable living spaces for students. The reuse of a container forms the perfect base for the housing, is cheap and environment friendly. The space saving furniture is everything a student needs. A kitchen, a bathroom, a working space, a bedroom upstairs and a laundry outside. A balcony and a terrace are located outside. By combining up to 4 of the houses one creates a living community. Solar cells on the roof provide energy and if one has to change places, the mobile container can be transported by a truck by closing all the doors.​​​​​​​

space saving

Living container


L: 6058 mm – W: 2438 mm – H: 2896 mm

The 20 foot high cube container is best suited as a living container for students. The reasons for this are that it has a small footprint and a larger ceiling height. Overall, the container has a handy size and can therefore be transported quickly and easily.


When transporting the container flat, it should be noted that the roof is removable, so that it can be transported quickly and easily from A to B. Note: the bridge height on motorways is at least 4.50m.



The main components of the housing concept for students are the container as the basis, the interior design and the Aggregate to supply the apartment with electricity and water.


Its stability and durability offer protection against external influences. A special insulation inside and triple-glazed windows insulate the container so that it meets the standard of a small house. The fact that the sides can be closed with the window fronts further improves the thermal insulation.

Main entrance

Divided into two elements:
The container doors and the glazed door behind them is located. If more privacy is desired, the container doors can be closed.

Glass doors

Large glass fronts provide a bright living atmosphere. Sliding glass doors are embedded in both sides, so that an open living area is created.

Terrace and balcony

They can be closed so that the apartment can be easily transported. It also allows the apartment to be closed on the long side.


LEDs, which consume very little electricity, are used to illuminate the living space. Household appliances include a refrigerator, a stove with a small oven, a handy dishwasher and a washing machine. The electricity also comes from the solar modules.

Rain water

Due to the large pitch of the roof a large quantity of water is collected in the rainwater storage tank for for further use.


A small warm air heater ensures pleasant temperatures in the interior and hot water is heated in the boiler. So that the energy required for this purpose is covered, solar modules are used for to the roof. The excess energy is used in stored in a large battery, who, for example, on cloudy days is used. The toilet is filled with rainwater and additionally the waste water from the sink and shower. A built-in water filter cleans the water so well that it can be used for rinsing, hand washing and showering.


The terrace and the balcony can be folded up. The mechanism shows that the open and can be closed without a motor. The cable pull directs the force of the upper level to the lower level. Despite the high weight of the surfaces to be moved, it is possible that a person closing levels. A lever engages the whole system so that the levels are rigid and accessible.

Living communities

Connect containers

In addition to the functions inside, a living container functions as a single apartment and can be combined with up to three other living containers if required. This way, shared flats with up to four people can be created.

Common room

The four terraces form a large area that can be used as a communal space. Now there is a large balcony on the roof.


Making of

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