VR vehicle

Summer semester 2018 – Concept design –
Prof. Philipp Thesen – Jonas Engelhardt

The vehicle is designed to work on the moon and is controlled via VR from the earth. With its three modes it generates new building areas.


I got inspired by the American science fiction movie ‘Avatar’ (2009) by James Cameron. There are a lot of new technologies and I was especially impressed by the robots with an intuitive control. They have a human anatomy and the arms and legs of the robot form an extension of one’s body while one is in the cockpit.
I transferred this method to Virtual Reality Devices. It means one can control the vehicle with one’s arms and legs through VR. The vehicle is designed to work on the moon. It explores the surface, exploits resources and generates new building areas, for example installing solar cells.

More Fiction
for Science!


The excavator is a vehicle for the moon, which is completely controllable by Virtual Reality Devices. Easy natural human movements provide an intuitive control. Via laser connection, it is maneuverable from the earth.

Intuitive control via
Virtual Reality

Vehicle modes

MODE 1: dig and dredge

MODE 2: grab and operate

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